Stanzani sas

Automotive equipments and bodywork and workshops systems.

Stanzani tools and equipment for body shops , manufactures and supplies directly the greatest part of the equipments and of the systems visible in the present web site for professional body builders.


The production is characterized for the quality, the easy use of the operator and for the exclusivity of the applications , studied and tested before the realization directly to the bodyworks /laboratory connected with us.


Very proud of our exclusive “Made in Italy” we can  absolutely affirm  to be considered a landmark in this branch both in Italy and abroad. Our plus could be resumed in few but essential points, which are:

  • Quality of the material used.

  • Exclusivity of the systems

  • Precision in the working

  • Duration

  • Prices commensurate to the features


Branches of systems’ application  and products and equipments Stanzani



Camper van



Branch of strategic significance and inspiration for Stanzani , which since 40 years supplies to this field equipments specifically for each kind of work.

The industrial bodyworks for buses or vehicles of large dimensions require particular systems and resistance features and unique handiness.

Professionals or fond of “ do it yourself” could find accessories and particular systems for the repair of plastics, moldings infiltration.

Fixed trolleys or extensible ones ,adjustable stands and workstations find a practical placing also in this system.

Also who works in this branch could find useful accessories and complements to organize a better work.